Explore The Designer Range Of Wholesale Macrasite Watch Designs!

Macrasite watches, especially the silver designer models have become one of the primary fashion trends of today’s times. The whole vintage timepiece theme is making a solid comeback. So, if you are looking to furnish your store with premium Macrasite designer watches then look no further. We have an exquisite and constantly developing range of designs for all your wholesale Macrasite watch necessities on our website.

Learn about our Macrasite designs

Swiss Macrasite stones have always been at the forefront of engraved jewellery. At Hong Factory we have brought together the best Macrasite stone designing professionals to ensure the quality of our products. And to ensure our compliance with the latest design trends we make them work closely with our jewellery designing team.

These elegant designs are the primary choices for high-end fashion fiestas. They fit in with any fashionable dresses and jewellery. The silver work is absolutely classy and ensures that the color of the Macrsite stones glow on the design.

Even though these watches feature such intricate work and designs, they are still perfect for regular use. The upper glass is rain resistant so the customers will not have to worry about their designer watches being ruined by the seasonal downpour. All our watches are equipped with a high functioning oscillator and a premium grade quartz crystal.

So, when you place your order for a particular range of wholesale Macrasite watch you can expect every last piece to contain premium design standards.

Top selling wholesale Macrasite watch models from Hong Factory

HW0297 – MAC

This neoclassical design has been a constant favourite of our customers and has received the biggest wholesale Macrasite watch order amongst the entire range. The pentagonic shape encasing the centre piece serve as an immediate eye turner, and the intricate designs on the band allow the entire watch to take the appearance of a jewellery piece.

HW0256 – MAC

Square watches and long flowy dresses has become the go to chic fashion for most. And for such cases this highly coveted piece is the perfect addition. The square shaped but edged corners allow for a best of both worlds feel. And the thin yet highly designer band keeps you ahead of the base trend. Stock this one up by placing a wholesale Macrasite watch order today and ensure that your customers receive the best designer watches they deserve.

HW0042 – MAC

One of the most exquisite pieces from our range, this black quartz designer watch features intricate designs throughout. The centrepiece shape presents a touch of latest trends while the black inside presents a noir taste. The old school chain shaped wristbands will provide to be the best addition with any dressing gown or slender fashion clothing.

HW0132 – MAC

The corporate world is more open to office grade jewellery more than ever, and this beautiful and elegant fashion timepiece will serve as the perfect cause to dress well for office. The black band can fit in perfectly with any professional wear and the centrepiece can serve as corporate grade jewellery. Moreover, this design if worn with a skirt and a blazer will be the perfect boardroom head turner. Most jewellery stores with varied ranges have placed this wholesale Macrasite watch on their priority order list, and so should you!

About Hong Factory

We have been creating exquisite ranges of wholesale Macrasite watch designs for various international and national level dealers for almost half a decade. The primary cause of Hong Factory is to ensure that design integrity and workmanship is still retained in the world of fashion. We employ the latest technology and our team of highly skilled designers bring to life intricate fashion pieces.